why new carpeting might be the best option when moving into a home

why new carpeting might be the best option when moving into a home

If you have just purchased your dream home, you might be overly excited to move right in. One thing you might want to take care of before move-in is replacing?carpeting?throughout your home. Here are three reasons new carpeting can give you a fresh start in a new home.

1. Help With Lingering Odors

Even if your new home doesn?t smell bad, if there is a distinct smell that seems to linger, one way to rid your home of this is with new carpeting throughout. Sometimes even the deepest carpet clean cannot get rid of smells that stem from pets and tobacco, and a whole new carpet can achieve this quickly.

2. Beating Allergies

If you or another family member struggles with allergies, it might not be worth chancing it in your new home by leaving existing carpeting. Even if this has been cleaned, there can be lingering hair and dander from pets and other allergens that could affect those sensitive to animals, pollen, or mold. The best way to avoid allergies is to replace carpeting on day one and reduce the chances of allergies stemming from existing carpeting.

3. Getting Your Home up-to-Date

Even if the existing carpeting in your new home is functional, if this is out of style or might not fit your tastes, it will be much easier to replace this before moving in. You can then build the rest of your decor and color scheme around carpeting that you love. With new, classic looking styles, your house can look up-to-date with carpet options on the market today.

If you have purchased a home with older carpeting, it might be a good idea to replace this right away. This will give you a fresh start in your new home, and can cut down on any lingering odors, old styles, or lurking allergens. If you would like a consultation on new carpeting contact us to get the process started. ?