surface art glass tiles: why buy them at flooring innovations?

surface art glass tiles: why buy them at flooring innovations?

If you?re looking for a beautiful tile format with a unique and stylish look, surface art glass tile is the perfect option. Its sleek look will add a touch of sophistication to any setting, be it your home or office. The material?s durability and life expectancy are excellent, but you should spend some time learning more about it and how it might benefit you. Read on for all the details

Special Visual Appeal With a Sense of Depth

If you want to add dimension to a crowded kitchen, small bathroom, or narrow entrance, glass tiles are excellent choices. They are the perfect decor elements to add a sense of depth without overpowering the eye. Surface art glass tile bounces light throughout the room, making your space look bigger and brighter.
Ever wondered why full-glass tile showers have become popular with homeowners over the last few years? They are also a favorite for those who love bold designs. Privacy shouldn?t be an issue because shower cubicles with glass tiles are translucent. And no matter what stylistic colors you choose, they will show through the tile, giving an extra dimension.

Easy to Maintain and Hygienic

Glass tile is impervious and does not stain. It is a plus for busy households and valuable for surfaces prone to soap buildup or wet areas. The material is easy to clean; thus, you can maintain a hygienic kitchen or bathroom. With a good cleaner or soap to wipe splashes, grease, and grime, you can attain a shimmering showstopper surface in your house.

Eco-Friendly Tiling

Surface Art glass tile may be your ideal choice if you support eco-friendly flooring. The tiles are often made of recycled materials. They require less energy to manufacture than other tiles, and the end product is 100% reusable at the end of its life cycle.

Elegant Accents

You don?t need to remove the entire bathroom floor to enjoy the benefits of surface art glass tile. You can hire a seasoned designer to place glass tiling on your accent wall. It might be more appealing as a focal point. Imagine two rows of glass tiles running throughout your shower walls- they should create a pleasing and unique decor.?

We Have a Multitude of Styles Just for You

Glass tile offers incomparable beauty. It is low-maintenance and blends well with other interior decor elements. With a broad spectrum of colors and patterns for surface art glass tile at Flooring Innovations, you can never lack a style to complement your space. The subway tile is not the only design- consider more captivating options like hexagonal glass tile. You can also choose from a variety of custom mosaic art in glass.
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