3 excellent reasons to choose engineered wood

3 excellent reasons to choose engineered wood

A great style of flooring to choose for your home is engineered wood. Here are three excellent reasons why!

Less Expensive

A great reason to go with engineered wood is because it is much less expensive than regular hardwood. This is due to the fact that the entire piece of engineered wood isn?t made from regular wood. The top of the wooden plank is made out of a veneer of wood. This is a thin piece of high quality wood that has the beautiful wood design on it. Underneath this veneer is plywood and this makes up the rest of the wooden plank. This wood is much less expensive, which really helps to decrease the cost of your wood flooring overall.

Easy To Install

Another great reason to go with engineered wood is the fact that it is so easy to install. Each piece has a small lip on it that goes right into place next to the previous piece of wood. Some engineered wood pieces even have a click system that allows each piece to click into place with the previous piece. If you prefer the more traditional method of installing wood with nails and glue, this is also an option for engineered wood.?

Huge Variety

Lastly, when you choose to go with engineered wood, you will have a variety of wood options to choose from that seems almost endless. Also, because you are only paying for the high quality wood in the wood veneer, you can likely afford certain types of exotic and other expensive styles of wood that you otherwise wouldn?t have been able to afford. This makes the process more fun and ensures you get exactly what you were hoping for.

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