Layering Rugs Over Fabrica Carpet: Style Tips and Practical Advice

Layering Rugs Over Fabrica Carpet: Style Tips and Practical Advice

Carpet flooring has always been a staple in home décor for its comfort and variety. When it comes to high-quality carpets, Fabrica carpet stands out with its luxurious textures and sophisticated designs. To enhance these elegant carpets, layering rugs can be a brilliant move, not just for the style boost but also for defining spaces and adding an extra touch of comfort. Here’s how to master the art of layering rugs over your Fabrica carpet.

Understanding the Basics of Fabrica Carpet

Fabrica carpet is renowned for its exceptional quality, intricate designs, and a wide array of colors and textures. When choosing a rug to layer over such a carpet, it is crucial to consider these attributes to ensure that both your carpet and rug complement each other rather than clash.

Choosing the Right Rug


1. Consider Texture:
The texture is a key element when layering rugs over carpet. Fabrica carpets are often quite plush, so you’ll want to opt for a rug that contrasts with this texture to create a tactile feel underfoot. For instance, a woven rug or a rug with a shorter pile can offer a nice contrast to a deep-pile Fabrica carpet.

2. Complementing Colors:
Color coordination is crucial. If your Fabrica carpet is a neutral shade, you have more freedom with rug colors. However, if your carpet has a vibrant tone or a complex pattern, look for a rug in a single color that complements it. This could be a hue that’s already present in the carpet’s pattern or a neutral shade that balances out the existing colors.

3. Size and Placement:

The size of the rug is vital in maintaining balance in the room. A common approach is selecting a rug that’s large enough to create a distinct area but not so large that it covers most of the carpet. Placement also matters; center the rug under a coffee table, or use it to define a seating area or under a dining table. This not only enhances aesthetics but also helps in furniture arrangement.

Styling Tips


4. Create a Focal Point:
Use a bold or brightly colored rug to draw attention and create a focal point in your room. This works well in a room with a neutral or lightly patterned Fabrica carpet, as the rug can stand out without overwhelming the space.

5. Layer Multiple Rugs:
For a bohemian or eclectic style, consider layering multiple smaller rugs of different textures and patterns over your Fabrica carpet. This can add depth and interest to your room. Just make sure to keep a cohesive color scheme to prevent the space from feeling chaotic.

6. Play with Shapes:
Who says rugs have to be rectangular? Depending on the room’s layout, circular or organic-shaped rugs can add a unique element and soften the overall décor. This is especially effective in rooms with geometric furniture or angular layouts.

Practical Advice


7. Keep It Safe and Secure:
One practical issue with layering rugs over carpet is the potential for the top rug to slip or bunch up, creating a tripping hazard. To prevent this, use a high-quality rug pad between the Fabrica carpet and the rug. Look for rug pads designed specifically for use on carpeted surfaces.

8. Maintenance:
Layering rugs means more fabric to maintain, but it can also protect areas of your carpet that see high traffic. Regular vacuuming of both the rug and carpet is essential to prevent dust and debris from settling into the fibers. Clean spills immediately to avoid stains, and consider professional cleaning periodically to keep both layers fresh and vibrant.

9. Seasonal Swaps:

Consider changing your top layer rug with the seasons. A lighter, brightly colored rug can refresh your space in spring and summer, while a heavier, darker rug can add warmth and texture during the fall and winter months.


Layering rugs over Fabrica carpet is not just a trend but a style strategy that brings additional color, texture, and functionality to your rooms. With the right considerations for texture, color, and placement, you can significantly enhance the beauty and practicality of your carpet flooring. Whether aiming for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, the layered look can make a significant impact on your interior design. Consult our experts for more information.