why wood tile may be the perfect fit for your home

why wood tile may be the perfect fit for your home

If you love the look of wood floors, but are concerned about the potential upkeep or the risk of damage to them from moisture or the antics of your four-legged housemates, then wood-look tiling may be the right choice for you.

Wood-look tile is typically made of either ceramic or porcelain, making it a very durable flooring material which is resistant to scratching or breaking. This makes it a great option for households with pets, especially larger and/or rambunctious dogs where damage to the flooring is a real concern. In addition, tile can be used in moisture-heavy areas of the house, like bathrooms and kitchens, meaning that you can have a hardwood floor look throughout your home.

Tiling is also a good option for those with allergies and other sensitivities as the hard surface also means it?s much less likely that allergens such as dander, pollen, or dust will collect or build up on it. This in turn helps keep the air in your home cleaner and makes allergy attacks less likely. In addition, tile isn?t a source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), meaning that the porcelain and ceramic used do not leach any harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment, including your house. For the environmentally conscious, tile is a very recyclable material as well.

If you?re worried about the potential maintenance that real wood floors can bring, it?s worth noting that tile is not only naturally resistant to scratches and staining, but it also does not warp or splinter. While harsh cleaning chemicals can damage the sealant or cause some issues with grout lines, soap and warm water should be all you need to address most spills. This resistance to stains also makes it a great option for households with small children.

Wood tile can be installed in a variety of styles and color options, making finding something that matches your aesthetic much easier. You can also change out wood grain patterns, colors, and ?wear and tear? like sun-bleaching or weathering to create something unique that fits your home perfectly.