why luxury vinyl flooring is worth every penny

why luxury vinyl flooring is worth every penny

Choosing new flooring is a big decision, especially when you go with quality material that will last a generation. There are a lot of flooring options out there, but vinyl has been growing in popularity for several reasons. When you break it down, you will find that no matter the price, vinyl flooring is worth every penny.?


This is one of the biggest pros of having vinyl flooring; it will withstand whatever life throws at it. What?s even better is that if a piece is ever damaged, you can pull it out and replace it, which is something you could never do with carpet. Vinyl floor is also water-resistant, which saves both your floor and subfloor from water damage.?

Easy to Clean

This fact alone makes the vinyl floor worth its price. Carpet gets all kinds of dirty, especially if you have pets or kids in the house. Vacuuming and carpet cleaning take time out of your busy day, and the latter can cost a lot of money. Small spills can be wiped up quickly with vinyl, and weekly sweeping and mopping are a lot easier than daily vacuuming.?


One of the many fantastic things about vinyl is that its look is just as timeless as hardwood. Thanks to neutral colors and natural prints, this flooring will be just as contemporary thirty years from now as it is today. If there ever comes a time when it feels like a change is needed, just add a rug to change the whole dynamic of the room.?

No matter your reason for choosing vinyl flooring, you will be happy with the results. Professional installation is fast, and you?ll be enjoying your new floor in no time. The hardest part about getting luxury vinyl flooring is deciding which of the many beautiful finishes best suites your style.