when to get new cabinets ? when refacing isn?t a good idea

when to get new cabinets ? when refacing isn?t a good idea

You?ve had the same kitchen cabinets for quite a while, and now you?re thinking of replacing them. Should you attempt to save money by simply refacing them, or should you purchase new ones? In many cases, refacing will not help solve the issues. Here are some instances where?new cabinets?will be needed:

Cabinet Structure is Bad

If you feel that the way your cabinets are set up don?t really fit your needs, then refacing your old cabinets won?t help. For example, if your cabinets are hard to reach or open in a way that obstructs your mobility, then you need a whole new cabinet layout.

Cabinets are Damaged or Falling Apart

If you have wood cabinets, they may be rotting or be otherwise damaged. There?s a lot of water in your kitchen and bathroom, and water damage in cabinets is fairly common. If the wood is warping, swelling (preventing you from closing the doors), changing colors, or feeling soft, then refacing your cabinets will not solve the problem. If you have metal cabinets that are starting to get rusty, you also need to get new ones.

Cabinets are Getting Moldy

Mold is another issue that warrants an installation of new cabinets. If ignored, it can pose health risks. Mold is particularly an issue in kitchen, bathroom, and under-sink cabinets because of the water and moisture in the area. For more information on getting new cabinets, and to visit our cabinet department in our Palm Desert showroom, just visit?our website.