what color should your grout lines be?

what color should your grout lines be?

Grout is just as important as the tile itself when it comes to styling your home. Different tiles demand different colors, and knowing which room you?re adding the tile to matters just as much. Whether you?re adding tile across your house or you?re just focusing on a single room, choose the grout colors before you get started. Keep these three tips in mind:

1. White grout is hard to clean but looks great.

No matter how well you seal white grout, it?s going to look a bit dingy between cleanings or after several years. So decide if you want to keep on top of the added maintenance before you finalize your choice. The choice is even harder when you?re retiling bathrooms: dark grout sometimes makes the space look too small, but it?s easier to make it look completely clean. A good compromise is to have thin grout lines.

2. If you have light tiles, use a dark grout.

If you?re arranging light?tiles in a diamond or herringbone pattern, don?t let that attention to detail go to waste. Highlight your pattern with dark grout lines so the pattern shows up. Dark grout?lines can also emphasize the veins of deeper colors in your tiles or add extra charm to your kitchen?s backsplash.?

3. Grout lines change the appearance of a room?s dimensions.

If you?re using your tile floors to make every room look bigger, then you need to keep the grout lines in mind. Long, narrower tiles should be perpendicular to the main entranceway, and you should use a dark grout. This makes the lines of tile stretch away from people walking inside, and it makes everything look nicer. On the other hand, using dark grout when your tiles form a grid can make the room look too boxy and will draw attention to any odd angles in the space.

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