update your kitchen with a new island countertop

update your kitchen with a new island countertop

When you want to update your kitchen, getting new countertops is an excellent way to start. However, if you don?t want to go through such an extensive renovation, you can also elevate the appearance of your kitchen by merely getting a new island countertop. Many types of materials are available that will give your island a beautiful, contemporary look.

Natural Stones

A popular choice for an island countertop is natural stone. Marble will give your kitchen a classic look. Granite, available in numerous colors and designs, is another fabulous choice that will add elegance to your space. Choosing a nonporous slate for your island countertop will project a modern style that your entire family will love.

Silicate Minerals

Two other popular choices for an island countertop are travertine and quartz. Travertine will add a luxurious and timeless look to your kitchen, and it?s quite durable. Quartz countertops are nonporous, so maintenance is a breeze. They have a uniform look and come in a variety of styles to match your interior decor.


For a distinctive look, you should consider wood for your island countertop. Whether using a softer wood such as pine, or a harder wood such as cherry, you?ll create a cozy gathering spot in your kitchen. Wood has natural protection against bacteria. Wood is also easily fixed. If damaged, you merely need to sand it down to smooth the surface.


For an ultra-modern appearance, metal makes an excellent island countertop. You can choose from stainless steel, copper, zinc, or aluminum. Metal tops are easy to clean. Metal will reflect the light and make the kitchen look bright. A metal countertop also won?t absorb spilled liquids, which is a considerable advantage in any kitchen.

Manufactured Materials

You can create a trendy look in a kitchen by using specialized materials such as concrete or terrazzo. A concrete island top adds a clean, natural look to a kitchen. A terrazzo countertop with marble or glass chips will add a chic look to your home. Either choice for your island top will completely transform the appearance of your kitchen.

Merely updating the countertop of your island can make your entire kitchen look new. Since the island is the central point of a kitchen, it draws the most attention. Make the island even more of a focal point in your home with a fabulous countertop that will awe everyone.