trendy cabinet designs for your bathroom

trendy cabinet designs for your bathroom

When renovating your bathroom, consider a cabinet design that differs from the norm to create a stylish look. Whether you?re remodeling your master bathroom, the guest bath, or even a small powder room, you can opt for a chic, new design that will impress everyone who sees it.

3 Trendy Bathroom Cabinet Designs

Floating Cabinets?? This type of cabinet design makes any room feel spacious and airy because it leaves more visible floor space. Try a floating vanity cabinet with a raised sink for a fabulous, contemporary look. You can also pair a floating vanity with a floating storage cabinet for a coordinated look that you?ll love. You can even store items below your floating cabinetry and out of the way when not in use, such as a bathroom scale or a small step stool for children to use.

Open-sided Cabinets?? For a distinctive look, you should consider cabinetry with open shelves on the side. You can opt for a gorgeous furniture design for your vanity with regular storage in the front and then open on each end for towels or knickknacks. For any additional storage places in the room, you can enjoy the best of this dual-type of design with closed cabinets in the middle and open shelves on one or both sides. With open-sided cabinets, your space won?t look as crowded, and you?ll have more display options for candles, bath oils, seashells, or anything else you want to show off.

Corner Cabinets?? For any bathroom with an odd corner, which would just end up as wasted space, try a corner cabinet. You can readily increase the storage in your bathroom by not letting any available space go unused, no matter how small. Choose a fabulous wood grain to call attention to this feature or select a color that matches the wall to make it blend in and almost disappear so that the room will appear larger. If there?s only room for a tiny cabinet, you can still use it to store medicine or personal hygiene items that don?t need a significant amount of shelf space.

You can turn any bathroom into a trendy-looking space by using new, up-to-date cabinetry designs. Select high-quality, gorgeous products that will last, and you?ll be pleased with the resulting look and functionality of your choices.