top three hardwood flooring options with fabrica

top three hardwood flooring options with fabrica

Hardwood flooring is the most popular luxury choice made for homes, as it offers a quality, natural look. When choosing the right flooring for your home, you want a luxurious feel and unique wood. Fabrica offers many sought-after, unique custom options, such as chateau, hand-scraped, and maple select.?


Fabrica?s?Chateau?hardwood flooring is sourced directly from France using white oak trees. These planks are?live sawn, which means they are cut straight through the wood logs without changing directions. This offers durability to your flooring unrequited by other flooring options. Live sawn wood offers a unique variability to every plank that is also the most eco-friendly way to saw wood.?


Fabrica also offers?hand-scraped wood?flooring which offers a textured, handcrafted appearance to your classic or country-style home design. This hardwood?flooring option?is one of the most popular for a reason, as it involves a process of scraping the wood into an uneven, textured look that adds a historical element to the planks. Fabrica offers hand-scraped flooring in a barnwood color, which is a more rustic, lighter wood color like natural white oak. We also offer it in a greystone color which boasts darker hues to create a bolder style.?

Maple Select

Sourced in the Northeastern United States, Fabrica offers the sought-after?Maple Select?hardwood flooring. These planks offer the unique swirling lines offered in birdseye graining in a naturally light color. Select grade maple means that your flooring comes with the least possible brown mineral streaks. There will be slight shade variances within each plank of wood that showcase the different elements of the maple logs. While Maple Select is naturally a lighter color, Fabrica also offers it in a finished Edison color that will let you have the birdseye grain and the bolder style you desire.?


Whatever your hardwood flooring needs are, we offer a variety of quality craftsmanship waiting for you. We also offer hardwood flooring in French Oak, Citadel, Provincial, Bordeaux, and Manor.?