top tarkett carpets designs for your home and commercial space

top tarkett carpets designs for your home and commercial space

We recognize an incredible variety of carpet varieties, and you will be excused if you feel overwhelmed by the options, since showrooms are loaded with carpets from floor to ceiling.

At Flooring Innovations,?voted Best Flooring/Carpeting Company, we recognize a carpet type for every requirement. Moreover, a color for every style and a recommendation for every room.

We?re here to help you navigate Tarkett?s new DESSO carpets, the most up-to-date design-led flooring choice for your home or office. Tarkett carpets are inspired by nature and help you design your ideal living area by highlighting furniture and walls with contrasting carpet colors to create the desired environment. Mother Nature is said to be the finest designer, and we can?t help but agree.


Vista is the ideal approach to bringing elegance to business environments by evoking timeless luxury with a clever linear construction and subtle textured design. You may pick from a color pallet of 42 colors to create the atmosphere you want, whether relaxing neutrals or more colorful tones. The look has depth and a high-end quality feel by contrasting light and dark.


Scenic has a velour-like appearance and a deep tactile texture, which improves a sense of comfort. Light and dark tones can be contrasted with a mottled effect to enhance the sensation of luxury.


The metropolis is intrinsically global and urban. It is bold, contemporary, and elicits youthful reactions with its crisp and geometric design. Beautifully, it accommodates all aspects of work, play, and leisure.?


The traditional but contemporary style of DESSO Eclectic makes it ageless. A woven framework generates a one-of-a-kind design that resembles flowing water. Eclectic is lively and colorful, thanks to its traditional inspiration and modern touch.


Avenue is a premium carpet collection inspired by Art Deco that is both trend-driven and nostalgic, paying homage to a dazzling bygone period. Combining a bold color palette with a rich textured design is a winning combination. Avenue emphasizes comfort and is the ideal complement to tiny boutique spaces. It has a rich appearance that is complemented with a high-end polish.


Arable is inspired by centuries-old field lines and sun-bleached agricultural landscapes. It reminds us of the spot where natural landscapes collide with human intervention. The fields where every grove and stride tell a tale.


The Breccia carpet series by DESSO gives every room a new lease on life.

The delicate veining of marble and minerals is represented in a lively color palette of seven tones, ranging from blue-gray to green and metallic yarns. This design conveys the impression of fresh salty air and healthy sea wind.


The rich and luxuriant flora inspired the DESSO Flores carpet line. Six multicolored carpet tiles blend subdued tones with expressive, vivid colors to offer life and vitality to your interior space, capturing the great diversity of the planet?s flora. With a meticulously created palette of brilliant hues, the three-dimensional designs convey the delights of spring.


The DESSO Granite carpet tile series brings the excitement of the wild outdoors into your home. The carpets have a wild streak thanks to their subdued, earthy palette and rich, spicy tones, as well as their three-dimensional aspect. The 18 colors that define these carpets are inspired by the raw, unexpected textures of volcanic soil, drawing on the power of our primordial earth to mimic a topography of robust and uncontrolled nature.

Combine blazing red tones with delicate gray tones, gentle yellow tones, and bright orange to produce a?warm and dynamic?interior atmosphere.


The newest member of the DESSO carpets embraces nature?s diversity and fragility. These carpet tiles have an abstract design that references the landscapes we so adore. From an amazing overview of a craggy coastline to a plant seen through the eyes of the smallest bug.

Intelligently, the carpets are inspired by nature?s forms and hues and are created with reverence for our planet?s beauty and vulnerability. Because, as enthralled as we are by beautiful vistas, we also feel compelled to safeguard them. All DESSO carpet tiles are designed with environmental considerations in mind, allowing you to create a healthy, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible home.

Contact us?now and visit one of our showrooms in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California (both in the Coachella Valley) and inquire about Tarkett?s new DESSO carpets.?Flooring Innovation?is committed to helping you give your house or commercial space a look you?ve always wanted!