the dos and don?ts of hardwood floor maintenance

the dos and don?ts of hardwood floor maintenance

There is nothing quite like the smooth surface of brand new organic hardwood flooring. It puts a finishing touch of sophistication on any room. But just like your home carpets, wear and tear is almost inevitable over time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your flooring in top condition. The following are some crucial dos and don?ts of hardwood floor maintenance.?

DO address spills immediately.

While spills may seem harmless on your wooden floors, they can cause damage if left sitting. As with any wood surface, wooden floors are best kept dry and free of substances that may erode them. By wiping up a spill as soon as it happens, you can prevent the liquid from leaking into the wood.

DON?T use harsh cleaners.

Many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are usually too much for?organic hardwood flooring. This is why it?s important to use specialized wood floor cleaners.? Flooring Innovations will be able to recommend the best brand for your specific type of floor.

DO polish your floors once per month.

As your floor sits and weathers everyday traffic, it often starts to look dull. By applying a wood polish every month or so, you can help it retain this sheen over time. If you are unsure of how to do this, consider hiring Flooring Innovations Carpet & Floor Cleaning Service.

DON?T walk on the floor with abrasive shoes.

About 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood or tile in their kitchens, and this means that these floors are hosting a constant stream of feet. To prevent damage from your shoes, avoid wearing high heels and shoes with jagged soles. These can scratch the surface quite easily.

DO know when to replace your flooring.

While you want your floor to provide value-enhancing design for as long as possible, this certainly has an expiration date. When your flooring is past the point of maintenance, it?s time to install a new floor. The best hardwood flooring can revitalize your home.

By maintaining your hardwood floors and knowing when to install a new surface, you can keep your home looking how you want it to. The right flooring will make you feel at home, providing the comfort and sophistication that you desire. If you have any questions about caring for your floors, contact the professionals at Flooring Innovations today.