the best bedroom floor options

the best bedroom floor options

Is there an ideal flooring option for a bedroom? Probably not, but there are some that seem to please almost everyone in terms of both comfort and style, three very important considerations in a bedroom.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

A beautiful, soft wall-to-wall carpeted bedroom is the epitome of luxury in the bedroom. It looks elegant and feels great on bare feet stepping out of bed in the morning, and if you can afford a good-quality densely tufted carpet, it should wear well for years.
If it?s a light color, it can soil easily and need to be cleaned more frequently, and any color will need regular vacuuming to keep it from getting soiled from trapped dirt.

A Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are a value enhancing asset in any room of the house because of their longevity and beauty. They can be refinished multiple times and restored to like-new condition, and they?re great for allergy sufferers since they don?t trap dirt and can be easily dry mopped or vacuumed with an attachment made for wood floors. Of course, they?re not as comfy to walk on in bare feet as a carpet, but that?s a problem easily solved by the addition a couple of bedside area rugs, or a large area rug placed under the bed and extending out a few feet on either side. It?s not a cheap option, but considering you?ll probably have it for decades, it?s well worth the investment.

An Engineered Wood Floor

An engineered wood floor is a less expensive option than a hardwood floor and looks just as nice. The difference is that even a good engineered wood floor made up of several hardwood layers can be refinished only once or twice, so it won?t have the same longevity as hardwood. However, considering that the bedroom in not exactly Grand Central Station, it should hold up pretty well provided you keep it clean and grit-free.

Other less common options include laminate wood flooring, which looks nice enough, but is subject to scratching and denting and can?t be refinished, or tile, which tends to be cold underfoot unless you also install radiant heating underneath.

Whatever option you choose, make sure it?s one that you love and are happy to live with for years to come!

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