replace or reface: what is best for your cabinet remodel?

replace or reface: what is best for your cabinet remodel?

No matter how long you have owned your home, you may consider remodeling your kitchen for a variety of reasons. Since even a minor kitchen remodel increases your home?s return on investment by 82.7%, it may be a purely financial choice. The space may also be outdated, and your taste may have changed. Regardless of your motive for renovating, you are likely asking yourself:

Should I replace or refinish my cabinets?

Your cabinets are central to your kitchen?s design, but it is not always necessary to purchase new ones. Use this guide to decide if?cabinet refacing?or a full replacement is the best option for you.

Cabinet Refacing: When Improvement Is Best

If you are happy with the placement and condition of your kitchen cabinets, refacing may be your best move. This can be especially functional and aesthetically pleasing for rustic or traditional kitchens. Modern refacing options offer a wide array of colors and stains, so you can match the job to your taste. For many homeowners, this is also the most economical option, showing the importance of value-enhancing design.

Cabinet Replacing: Out With The Old

While refacing is a popular option, it does not make sense for every homeowner. If your cabinets are old or in poor condition, it may be best to order new ones rather than attempt to restore these older models. Full replacement also allows you to design custom cabinets and revamp your kitchen storage. Just be sure to invest in professional hardwood cleaning to keep your new cabinets shining like new for as long as possible.

When it comes to home renovation, you will likely be making similar decisions for every room. From your organic hardwood flooring to your furniture, the replacement and refurbishing options are numerous. To make these decisions easier every time, keep your home?s needs in mind. Consider how often you use the home feature or piece of furniture, and decide which method will give you the most use for your money. This type of thinking will keep your home beautiful without breaking the bank.

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