reasons why you should choose silver creek carpet

reasons why you should choose silver creek carpet

Flooring innovations, the largest retailer in the Coachella Valley for all types of flooring such as tile, carpet, hardwood, and area rugs, bring you Silver Creek carpet.?Silver Creek?is a collection of broadloom carpets and rugs made by the Bloomsburg carpet industries. The industry is committed to manufacturing highly-styled carpets of superior quality and is dedicated to keeping the long history of carpet weaving in the USA alive and thriving. Here is why you should choose Silver Creek carpet for your home or business environment.

It Is Durable

Silver creek carpet is 100% woven with wool. Carpet made from wool usually lasts for a long period. If maintained and tended to properly, you are guaranteed that it will last for 15 to 20 years.

It Is Eco-friendly

As discussed above, the Silver Creek carpet is woven with wool from sheep. A great feature about wool that makes it friendly to the environment is that it is renewable and biodegradable. Wool has minimal effect on the natural landscape and is one of the world?s most environmentally friendly products.

It Is Luxurious and Has a Soft Feel

Silver Creek carpet has a great way to add softness and a custom feel to your home. The natural wool makes the carpet slippery and has that cozy feel that is nice for your pets. It serves well for sound absorption to enhance a better and more relaxed environment for your home.

It Is Fire-resistant

Unlike synthetic carpets, Silver Creek carpets will not burst into flames nor melt or produce toxic substances when touched by a flame or sun rays. When exposed to sun or extreme heat, wool chars or smolders, thus making it an ideal flooring material for rooms with candles, a hearth, or a fireplace.

It Is Non-allergenic

Silver Creek carpet is made from wool, making it resistant to allergens. It has the natural ability to absorb indoor air contaminants like dust, pollen, and other allergens, eliminating them from the breathable air. It does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, nor does it release harmful toxins. Hence, the carpet is ideal for those with allergic and breathing conditions.

If you are looking for an ideal flooring solution, consider Silver Creek carpet. For help in selecting high-quality carpets for you, feel free to?contact us.