premium cabinets can make a modern bathroom shine

premium cabinets can make a modern bathroom shine

When renovating a bathroom, you can completely update the look merely by changing out the cabinetry. By installing premium cabinets, you can turn a dull-looking bathroom into a modern space that your entire family will love.

A Bright and Modern Approach

To add a lighter and airier look to your bathroom, choose bright white cabinetry for your vanity area. This cabinet color will make any bathroom look more open and spacious. To enhance the white cabinetry, choose polished chrome knobs or pulls for the drawers and cabinet doors. The chrome will reflect the light and add that perfect modern touch to the overall appearance of your bathroom.

A Warm and Modern Approach

To add a feeling of warmth to your bathroom, use a dark cabinet stain. Either walnut or mahogany will make an excellent choice for the cabinetry in your vanity area. To ensure that the bathroom appears open and spacious, instead of a standard vanity, install a floating vanity to expose more of the flooring. Match the cabinetry with brushed nickel knobs or handles for a gorgeous and sophisticated result.

Additional Cabinets

For homes where more storage in the bathroom is needed, install a closed cabinet over your toilet. This choice will give you a great area to keep extra toilet paper and other personal hygiene items. You should match the color of this cabinetry to what you chose for your vanity area for a coordinated look. If you have decorative items that you want to display, such as candles or bath oils, opting for an open cabinet or shelving over the toilet is an excellent choice.

With premium cabinets, you can update the look of your bathroom without doing a full renovation. Cabinetry sets the tone of a room, so choosing the best cabinets that you can afford will always be a worthwhile investment for your home.