new flooring trends: tile, tile, and more tile

new flooring trends: tile, tile, and more tile

Everyone knows the saying, ?A New Year, A New You?, but what about in the home? This year, even though pockets are tight, there is still an unspoken need to revamp the home front and create a statement on a dime. With this in mind, it only makes sense that consumers are steering more towards low maintenance, high durability floors which means tile, tile, and more tile!?However, tiles come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, leaving loads of room for creativity to play a huge role. Not only are homeowners looking for the best value, but they are also looking to make a statement in every room of their house. And Flooring Innovations has the largest selection of Tile in Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

Modern technology has allowed for tiles to look like natural resources such as wood, stone, or metals. This allows homeowners to create a classic look at a more affordable price. Wood and stone looks are becoming extremely popular for 2018 with a larger focus on textured appearance. More homeowners are craving the distressed wood style floors as well as those with darker stains.?

Creativity and originality, especially in floors, are both playing a key role in what homeowners want as well. The stagnant appearance of floors is no longer the only option with more tiles printed with patterns and made in various sizes. Homeowners are combining tiles of different patterns, sizes, and shapes to create unique floors that pop and draw the eye. Not only are homeowners creating patterns and designs with tiles, but they are also deviating from actual rugs. Instead, they are choosing to create a ?rug? using patterned tiles and surrounds the ?rug? with more plain tiles of a similar hue.??

Metallic tones haven?t budged from their trendy pedestal, but instead, are being combined with matte versions to create a conversation piece. Copper and brass, especially, are finding their way into every room in 2018 homes from walls to floors. Kitchen backsplashes, dining room floors, even bathroom walls are being covered with intriguing designs using both matte and glossy tiles. Straight lines are a fad of the past as well with tiles being placed in any pattern or design efficient enough for the space, making it easier to showcase that inner artist.?

No matter the color or design, tile is just the vamp any home needs to be ready for the upcoming year. Modern decoration calls for imagination more than ever, allowing a home to speak for itself. So, get creative and let the home?s personality shine through sleek new tile floors with a unique spin for 2018. Visit?Flooring Innovations?showrooms in Palm Desert or Palm Springs, CA to breathe new life into your home with floors that make a statement. Call us today for more information (760) 321-8600.