natural stone flooring for your home

natural stone flooring for your home

If you want to upgrade the floor in one or more rooms of your home, but you?re not sure what type of flooring to get, you should consider natural stone. This type of flooring will add beauty as well as value to your residence. With natural stone, you?re able to keep your home cleaner and more sanity than with carpeting. You also don?t need to worry about refinishing stone as you do with hardwood.

Type of Natural Stone

You can choose from a variety of stone for your floors such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate. Each one will add a look of sophistication to your interior.


This stone is available in many colors and styles of veining, so you?re sure to find the perfect fit for your home. Premium grade granite is your best choice and will provide a hard, durable surface that will last. This stone is also not prone to scratches, which is excellent for families, and it looks fabulous in any room.


This type of stone is one of the most beautiful and elegant you can choose. It varies in hardness and should be honed and sealed for the best result. Marble will add an opulent look to your home, elevating your residence above others. It?s especially gorgeous in a formal area such as a living room or dining room.


This stone, naturally found near freshwater springs, contains chic brown and beige tones that will provide a stylish look in your home that you?ll love. When polished, travertine will resemble marble. Or if you prefer an antique look, then you can have the travertine brushed or tumbled.


This type of stone comes from sedimentary rocks in beautiful earth tones such as off-white, beige, and gray. The stone is quite durable when sealed and will add a classic look to every room in your house. Because of its muted tones, this flooring will match almost any interior decor style, making it a fabulous choice for any home.


This stone is dense and sturdy, making it perfect for rooms with heavy traffic. The stone is also slip-resistant, which is an excellent feature when you have young children or seniors in the home. When sealed, slate becomes quite resistant to liquids, an especially desirable trait for kitchen and bathroom floors, where spills are more likely.

Natural stone makes an excellent choice for flooring, whether you?re merely looking to update an individual room or your entire house. Such flooring will increase your enjoyment of the home while also increasing its overall worth, which will get you a better return should you sell. So, if you?re looking to upgrade your flooring, you should consider natural stone as one of your best options.

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