marble based santamargherita terrazzos

marble based santamargherita terrazzos

Terrazzos have been an important architectural element in Italy for centuries. Today, they are making a strong resurgence as a popular material for many commercial and residential applications.

?One of the most popular brands of Italian terrazzo is?Santamargherita.? These surfaces feature marbles with the allure, elegance, and glitz of natural stone. To achieve exceptional, flexible, and sophisticated finishes, various flakes, grains, and chips of the most treasured marbles are skillfully blended with quality resins. The materials have been approved and tested to be safe for food contact and indoor use.

Santamargherita?s terrazzos take on the classic stone appearance. Readers of the Coachella Valley Independent and viewers of KESQ News Channel 3 voted Flooring Innovations as the Best Flooring and Carpeting Company. If you go to our stores, you?ll find these Italian surfaces, such as:


This material?s colorful background frames important contrasting inserts to provide freshness to any setting. It is made of a synthetic stone made up of Italian marble chips. Ducal keeps up with the newest innovation trends and seeks to address the designers? desire for new project ideas. For rooms with a strong personality and a warm nostalgic feel, we recommend Ducal.


This terrazzo features earth?s colors layered over a dark-toned background to emphasize certain areas. In effect, it produces a character with a high level of recognizability. Pisani is a marble-based engineered stone made with a polyester resin binder and tumbled Carrara marble stones. It produces an appearance with exceptional technical qualities tailored to specific projects. Pisani is great for homes with a strong personality, and it?s the solution to designers? quest for creativity according to the newest trends.


The significant characteristics of this tone-on-tone material are openness and beauty. Perfect for single usage, but also more adventurous combos. Real embraces the concept of imperfection in interior design. The design brilliantly celebrates the beauty of flaws.


One of Ferrara?s most well-known landmarks and a symbol of the Italian Renaissance, it is a source of inspiration for this lovely neutral material. The product is inspired by natural quartzite, but it comes in various colors and tones to match the newest interior design trends.? Indoors, diamond is appropriate for flooring, steps/risers, window sills, wall panels, and counters.


The exquisite decorations of Palazzo Maffei overlooking Piazza Delle Erbe in Verona inspired the delicate textures and rich tones of this Palladian. With a novel texture, this terrazzo series is ideal for various rooms. Moreover, they are suitable for restaurants and small retail establishments.


The chilly tones of this material resonate with the rigidity and ingenuity of 16th-century Italian Renaissance architecture. This decor has a highly realistic feel and color. It comes in both warm and cold color options to give covering and adornment.


The warm tones of the majestic edifice overlooking the Grand Canal may be seen on this contemporary surface. Foscari?s wallcovering might be utilized in places of the house where mosaic design isn?t generally employed, such as the ?bed head wall.?


Many city buildings in Verona in the 15th century were ornamented with brilliant frescoed facades, giving the city the name ?urbs picta,? or painted city. Mazzanti is a revolutionary 3D mosaic structure with uneven chips and worn edges that create a distinctive, almost shimmering impression when applied to the wall or floor.


Terrazzos are sturdy, stain-resistant, resilient, and long-lasting surface solutions made by combining marble, granite, quartz, glass fragments, and resin (or cement) as a binder.

?SantaMargherita terrazzos invokes authentic Italian architectural elements and has a wide range of applications, including:

  • The Floors
  • Walls
  • Vanity tops
  • Furniture

When you choose Santamargherita terrazzos for your Coachella Valley home, you?re following in the footsteps of a century of rich Italian interior design tradition. Terrazzos exude authenticity, a sense of the past, and virtue.?Flooring Innovations?will make your house appear striking and elegant with this flooring.?Contact us?now and visit one of our showrooms in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California (both in the Coachella Valley).