lots of diversity in carpet flooring trends

lots of diversity in carpet flooring trends

Carpeting can set the tone for your entire interior design scheme, so you want to make the best possible choice to suit your lifestyle and reflect your own personal tastes. This year?s carpeting choices range from classic solids and bold statement patterns to striking colors and plenty of eco-friendly selections.

Warmer colors in varying neutral shades of taupe and gray?are serving as the balance for bolder tones; bolstered by?texturing from ribbed to geometric shapes, carpeting trends are?incorporating more interest. This is one of the reasons why cut-and-loop carpeting has made a major comeback ? the combination of loops with?cut pile?results in great texturing and opportunities for beautiful color combinations. Patterned carpeting in contrasting or coordinated shades is a perfect way to add movement and interest to a monochromatic room design.

Carpet tiles offer both homeowners and businesses the opportunity to create their own customized design. Bold or neutral, solids or patterns ? or a combination of all ? carpet tiles not only give you freedom of creativity, they?re also great for high traffic areas. When a heavily used area of carpeting needs replacing, you only need to remove and replace the worn tiles, leaving fresher carpeting tiles in place, which saves time and money. Carpet tiles, whether used as full-room carpeting or as area rugs, are being used in?bold color combinations like reds, purples, and oranges?as well as more subtle?earth tones. Some businesses even choose carpet tiles in their logo colors to further promote their brand.

Eco-friendly carpeting has become something many homeowners are looking for, and carpet manufacturers have responded with ever-increasing selections. In fact, most carpets today are made from at least some percentage of recycled carpeting; this trend is expected to increase in coming years.

Carpeting warms a room and today?s trends give homeowners, business owners, and designers much more room to make personal statements and underscore their decor.

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