kitchen remodeling styles available through flooring innovations

kitchen remodeling styles available through flooring innovations

When it?s time to remodel your kitchen, you don?t want to simply ?settle? for whatever you can get. Especially when it comes to your cabinets. Not only are cabinets functional and necessary, but they are as much a part of your decor as your flooring, lighting fixtures, and countertops. Going all out may not make the functional part any more functional, but they can certainly bring great joy, comfort, and pleasure for years to come.

Traditional Cabinetry

Taking a more traditional approach ensures that you won?t go?too big. Kitchen cabinets should never overpower other elements, but should rather offer homey features that highlight the color scheme or motif in this specific area. The traditional approach allows functionality to remain the focal feature, while great looks are certainly not left out. With this approach, you will see a cozier appearance, arched cabinets, and a variety of recessed or raised panels.

Contemporary Cabinetry

With contemporary cabinet designs, you?ll have a look that fits more with today?s current trends. This particular design can still borrow from the modern motif, but you?re not likely to find such things as crown molding or decorative panels. Instead, you?ll see fewer accessories with more geometric features built-in. Materials that go well with this scheme include stone, glass, and leather.

Modern Cabinetry

You?ll see kitchen cabinets that are much more compact in the modern cabinetry line. These pieces are much more likely to be manufactured from metal or glass instead of wood and have a sleeker style with sliding drawers replacing some of the door systems most commonly known. This is a great way for homeowners to put an upscale spin on their traditionally styled homes, especially when attempting to keep up with current trends.?

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