kitchen flooring ? making the right choice for your home

kitchen flooring ? making the right choice for your home

For most households, the kitchen area is the main hub of the household. Homeowners carry out a multitude of tasks in the area including meal preparation and cleanup tasks. Many kitchens also have a breakfast bar where family members gather after school or work for conversation and a light snack. Some kitchens also have a small area that acts as a mini-office or homework station. In short, the kitchen is typically a very busy place, requiring durable flooring that easily holds up under frequent stress. In this post, we will outline several points homeowners will want to consider as they select flooring for the kitchen, as well as provide some flooring options that are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean as well.

Features to Consider

It?s important to have durable, scratch-resistant flooring in the kitchen. Not only does kitchen flooring need to hold up well under very heavy appliances including a refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven, it also needs to resist scratching during the many instances when an item such as a chair or portable food prep island is moved across the surface.?Kitchen flooring also needs to resist excess moisture. Due to the above average amounts of hot, steamy water from cooking, running the dishwasher, etc., most kitchen have higher humidity levels than other rooms in the house.

Since the kitchen is such a busy place, the flooring must be easy to clean as well. It?s not unusual for busy families to sweep the area at least once a day, in addition to mopping on a frequent basis.

Gorgeous Flooring Options

The good news is that flooring manufacturers have really done their homework with regard to what homeowners need in a quality kitchen flooring product. Along with more traditional kitchen flooring options such as hardwoods or porcelain or ceramic tile, there are also some great newer choices including vinyl plank flooring, engineered groutable tile, and rigid core flooring. There is now even vinyl sheet flooring that does an exceptional job at mimicking the look of vinyl plank flooring, wood, and more. All of these options are ideal for kitchens because of their moisture and dent-resistant qualities, and easy-to-clean features.

The best part of all of these types of flooring is how beautiful they are. There are a multitude of color options available, and many of the options are available in styles that mimic stone, marble, brick, and all different types of wood.