ideal flooring options for your bathroom

ideal flooring options for your bathroom

Planning to put in new?bathroom flooring? You?ve come to the right place at Flooring Innovations. When it comes to choosing flooring for the bathroom, there are special things to consider besides good looks; namely, you want durability and a material that can withstand lots of humidity and direct contact with water.?We can help ? here are several?bathroom flooring options?that work well in moist areas and look great too.

Porcelain tile?is one of the most popular choices, and for good reason ? it?s not absorbent and it looks beautiful. For bathrooms with a shower or tub, it?s best to choose smaller tiles or a textured porcelain tile to prevent slipping, but in a powder room with no bathing facilities, any type of porcelain or ceramic tile will work.?

Sheet vinyl?is another smart, budget friendly option for bathrooms. It?s durable and strong, as well as stain and moisture resistant. Vinyl sheets are better for bathrooms than vinyl tiles because water can get into the seams between tiles. Vinyl can offer lots of looks, from hardwood flooring to natural stone.

You might not consider?glass tiles?a safe choice for high-moisture areas, but you can get glass tiles with a slip-resistant finish to solve that problem.?Ceramic tiles?can also be given an anti-slip finish to make them safe as well.?For a luxurious look, there?s?natural stone tile: marble, travertine, slate and granite. Stone tiles are strong, durable, and water/stain resistant. Tumbled or textured stone are slip-resistant and safer for bathrooms.

Bathrooms play an important role in the resale value of your home; it?s considered one of the most important areas to invest in. From contrasting shades to patterns and borders to a contemporary monochromatic decor, the tone and texture of your floor underscore your style and can make a statement all its own, giving your bathroom or powder room that perfect finished look.

?Visit one of our showrooms today and speak with a flooring expert and discover the many flooring options for your home.