hardwood flooring for various home styles

hardwood flooring for various home styles

If you?re a homeowner and looking to upgrade your floors, hardwood is the way to go. You can?t beat the improved look and worth that hardwood flooring will add to your home. Another great feature of hardwood floors is that they will work well in any residence and any room, regardless of your home?s style or your decor.

Suggestions for 3 Different Styles of Homes

Rustic?? For homes with a rustic or country decor, you?ll need your floors to match. You don?t want flooring that looks too shiny or new. For the best results, try distressed or reclaimed wood to get that fabulous rustic look. Pine or hickory work quite well. Opt for a matte or flat sheen on the floors for a more natural appearance that will coordinate well with the style of your rooms.

Traditional?? For homes with a traditional design, you?ll want a rich-looking hardwood floor that accentuates your wooden furniture pieces, cabinetry, and staircase. Cherry, walnut or birch wood stained in a dark color will give a stunning result in every room. To add shine and elegance to your floor?s appearance, go with a gloss or semi-gloss sheen. Such flooring will reflect the majesty of any traditionally-styled home.

Modern?? For homes with a contemporary or even a transitional look, you?ll want a hardwood floor that?s stylish and trendy. Try maple, red oak, or white oak with a light stain for a chic appearance. A satin sheen will give the floor just the right amount of shine without reflecting too much light. This gorgeous type of flooring will make your home look spacious and fresh.

The durability and easy maintenance of hardwood floors make them a perfect choice for every homeowner. From the entryway, into your central living space, to your bedrooms, you?ll love the beauty and the extra value that hardwood flooring adds to your home.