funny house smell? try professional carpet and floor cleaning

funny house smell? try professional carpet and floor cleaning

Too often, homeowners and business owners will complain that the stench inside the home or property is unbearable, but they cannot figure out where it is coming from. Interestingly, one of the main reasons that homeowners or business owners spend a considerable amount of money on room fragrances is due to carpet and flooring that needs to be professionally cleaned. In addition, having a floor repeatedly cleaned with rental equipment by non-professionals can leave behind so much damage that the flooring needs to be cleaned by technicians to remove toxic molds.

Why your carpet stinks

Although there are many products on the market today that profess to clean your carpets with a thorough shampooing ?just like a professional,? they do not tell potential buyers that there is one major drawback to these types of vacuum cleaners. Mainly, there simply is not enough juice in these types of devices to actually remove all of the dirty water from the padding under carpet. Instead, there may be a significant improvement at the surface level, but there are many layers underneath that are still filthy and sopping wet. This becomes evident when you walk across a carpet that has been recently cleaned and it is still very damp or leaves behind a wet footprint. Sadly, carpet that is wet is only going to smell bad.

What happens when a carpet is stinky after DIY rug cleaning

When the carpet does not get the opportunity to have all of the dirty water removed, it creates an ideal environment for mold, fungus and other types of microorganisms. While they may not have a chance to grow immediately, they will soon let you know they are there with a distinct mildew smell. Unfortunately, there are also health problems associated with a carpet that has never been thoroughly dried out.

Black mold can cause serious health problems

Dealing with a stinky carpet is one thing, but having health problems because you cut corners with professional floor cleaning is another. While this is usually not an issue with most carpets, encouraging a case of black mold has few benefits. For example, black mold can cause severe respiratory symptoms and this can be especially fatal for people living with certain types of disabilities. In other words, if people in your office or home are regularly sick for an unexplained reason, wet carpets could be the source of the problem.

Let us help you get your carpets back in working order

Whether you need a semi-annual visit or help with a DIY carpet cleaning gone wrong, we are here to help. We can start with identifying if you have a stench problem because of your carpets, and we can perform the necessary tasks to get them free of contaminants. To get started, give us a call today and we thank you in advance for choosing us for your?professional carpet and floor cleaning?services.