finish your design with high quality quartz or granite

finish your design with high quality quartz or granite

Quartz or granite? It?s a question nearly as old as home remodeling itself, but just how different are these options, and how do you know which one if the right choice for your home?


Granite is a hard, durable, natural stone that is mined from quarries. While granite is usually the more expensive of the two options, you can save a bit by doing some of the preparation work yourself and buying slabs wholesale. It?s often not the most environmentally friendly choice, though this can be mitigated by visiting salvage shops or buying indigenous stone when possible.

No two granite slabs are the same due to the cooling and solidifying of molten rock that occurs when granite is first formed, so whether you?re looking for something eye-catching or something more subtle, you?re sure to find something that will complement your design.

Granite counters should be wiped down each day with soap and water or a mild, non-acidic cleaner. Certain kinds of cleaning products can cause staining so it?s important to understand which are safe. Granite also benefits from being resealed each year to help ensure longevity.


Quartz shares a lot of similarities with granite, but they differ in the sense that quartz is made of about 95% natural quartz and around 5% polymer resin rather than being 100% natural. Quartz is also more durable than granite due to being non-porous.

Quartz is usually the cheaper option when compared to granite, but since it?s also heavier than natural stone, so you should always be sure that the space is structurally sound before installing. It?s also slightly easier on the environment since it often doesn?t have to be transported as far as granite as long as it?s bought and fabricated locally.

Finding a quartz slab that fits with your design aesthetic is comparatively easier than searching out a granite slab since the addition of polymer resin allows homeowners to have some say in customizing the design.

Unlike granite, quartz only needs to be wiped down with water or a mild cleaner, with no need for resealing.

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