don?t choose your kitchen tile color without answering these three questions

don?t choose your kitchen tile color without answering these three questions

There?s no wrong color for your kitchen. If you love it, you can make it work. But always balance your colors against the other forces in the kitchen competing for attention. Ask yourself these three questions to make sure your tile is a good fit for your other design choices.

1. Is there a?high contrast?

There are a lot of surfaces in your kitchen, and all of them might have different colors. You have your flooring, baseboards, and walls, just like in any other space. But you also have to pick your tile against the cabinet and countertop colors.?

No matter what your color scheme is, look for high levels of contrasts between the horizontal surfaces and the vertical surfaces. If your walls (and cabinets) are dark, have light flooring and countertops. If you have white cabinets, go for a darker floor. Controlling for contrast stops the room from being too busy or too bland.

2. Is there only one attention-getting texture?

Texture also impacts the final appearance?of your kitchen. Even if you have a cohesive color scheme, a mish-mash of shapes and textures can throw the style off. Just like with color contrast, you need to contrast your textures. Smooth out your cabinet and countertop textures. Then decide if your backsplash or your floor is going to be your focal point. Travertine tiles?set the stage for an intricate mosaic backsplash. But wood with a hard-hitting grain looks best with a smooth backsplash.

3. Is there enough light for your color choices?

Dark colors shouldn?t exist in a vacuum. They make shadows darker and small spaces look even smaller. But that doesn?t mean a tiny kitchen has to be bright white.?

If you like darker colors, make sure you have the extra lighting to support it. You need under-cabinet lighting if you want dark cabinets or dark countertops. Dark vertical surfaces can also be offset if you choose large, highly reflective tiles on the floor.

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