carpet cleaning and maintenance for pet owners

carpet cleaning and maintenance for pet owners

Carpet is a soft and comfortable choice of flooring in the home. But if you own a dog or cat (or both), you?ll need to spend a little extra time cleaning and maintaining it. While all flooring types will attract pet hair and dander, carpet is particularly susceptible to this. So, what steps can you take as a pet owner to?keep your carpet clean?

Area Rugs

Try placing area rugs in high-traffic locations throughout your home, particularly those areas traversed by your dog or cat. Area rugs are great for protecting carpet from pets. Besides, they also add style and uniqueness to your home?s decor.


Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis can make a world of difference in its cleanliness and overall appearance. Unlike hardwood floors, pet hair often remains hidden in carpet. By vacuuming your carpet at least once per week, though, you can prevent buildups of loose pet hair.

Professional Steam Cleaning

When vacuuming and spot-cleaning isn?t enough, consider investing in a professional steam cleaning service. For the price, it?s a smart investment when dealing with dirty carpet.

Deodorize with Vinegar

Does your carpet smell like a dog? You can deodorize it using a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Simply pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and apply it over your carpet. It may smell somewhat sour at first, but that quickly goes away once the vinegar dries. Baking soda is another natural deodorizer that works well for carpet.

What About Stain-Removing Products?

Of course, there are dozens of products available designed specifically for removing carpet stains. Before using any of these products, though, you should test it on a small and discreet area of your carpet. As long as it doesn?t stain or otherwise damage the area, you can apply it throughout the rest of the carpet.

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