benefits of remodeling your kitchen cabinets

benefits of remodeling your kitchen cabinets

Whether it?s for function or aesthetic purposes, there are many reasons for remodeling kitchen cabinets. It?s one of the most visible elements in the kitchen, making it a key element in the decor. But there are other benefits to remodeling your kitchen cabinets as well.

Increase Home Value

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets may increase the value of your home. According to?HGTV, a kitchen remodel is a ?sure-fire investment.? The article cites a 2004 study in which Baltimore homeowners recouped 182% of their kitchen upgrade costs. Whether you?re a Baltimore resident or not, though, kitchen upgrades such as this are guaranteed to increase your home?s selling value.

More Storage Space

Of course, remodeling your?kitchen cabinets?may also provide more storage space. It?s frustrating when you can?t find an open shelf to store a new frying pan or pot. By installing new, more spacious cabinets, however, you can overcome this problem. This alone is reason enough for many homeowners to invest in new kitchen cabinets.

Reduce Bacteria and Bad Germs

Older kitchen cabinets often harbor bacteria and mold. The porous surface provides the perfect breeding grounds for bad germs such as this. And cabinets are the worst place for germs, considering this is where most homeowners store their dishes. Thankfully, new kitchen cabinets feature engineered materials that resist microbial growth.

New Style

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets also provides the opportunity to introduce a new color and/or style into your home decor. Want to decorate your kitchen in a new black and white palette but can?t because of your decades-old brown cabinets? Well, you can always replace them with a new, more appropriate style of cabinets.