benefits of choosing cork flooring

benefits of choosing cork flooring

Cork has quickly become one of the most popular flooring alternatives to traditional hardwood. It first appeared around the late 1800s with homeowners and business owners alike choosing it over other flooring options. To learn more about?cork flooring?and whether or not it?s right for you, keep reading.


Because it?s made from shed bark, typically from the cork oak trees (Quercus suber) of Europe and northwest Africa, cork flooring is environmentally friendly. And most of these governments have laws regulating the growing and harvesting of cork oak.?


We can?t talk about the benefits of cork flooring without mentioning its soft and ultra-comfortable properties. Even if you?re unfamiliar with cork flooring, you?ve probably felt cork before. Whether it?s a wine bottle or bulletin board, dozens of items feature this material. Cork flooring has the same soft and spongy characteristics, offering a comfortable cushioned surface on which to walk.

Shock Absorber

One of the lesser-known benefits of cork flooring is its ability to absorb shock. It?s bound to happen sooner or later: you accidentally drop a heavy glass, tool or some other items on your new flooring. Assuming you choose cork flooring, this shouldn?t cause any damage thanks to its shock-absorbing properties. Objects will literally bounce off cork flooring rather than damaging it.


While not 100% waterproof, cork flooring is water resistant with antimicrobial properties. This makes it an excellent choice in areas with high humidity. Cork flooring repels moisture; thus, reducing the risk of mold and mildew.


Need another reason to choose cork flooring? Aside from all of its attractive properties mentioned above, cork flooring typically costs less than other forms of flooring.?