beauty meets function: top 2018 trends in bathroom cabinets and countertops

beauty meets function: top 2018 trends in bathroom cabinets and countertops

Updating your bathroom ? or designing a new bathroom from scratch ? is an exciting undertaking and one that will add value, functionality and livability to your home. The National Association of Realtors gives bathroom renovations a high ?Joy Score? of 9.6, and estimates that homeowners get a 64.8% return on their investment when they sell their home. And Flooring Innovations is a leader in Palm Springs and Palm Desert cabinets for baths?and kitchen cabinets as well!

So let?s take a look at how bathroom trends for 2018 combine beauty and function, creating that timeless look that homeowners love.

Organic and Natural

Combining materials found in nature, such as stone and wood, is a hot trend for bathrooms in 2018. The endless selection and interesting variations in natural materials makes every bathroom unique. Warm wood cabinets set against marble, quartz, granite, or any type of stone?countertop?creates striking sensory appeal that is timelessly fashionable. This trend works equally well among all decors, from traditional to transitional to contemporary.

Color and Finish Trends

Looking for a little drama? Two dramatic elements are bringing a new dimension to bathrooms: bold colors paired with matte and satin finishes on countertops and cabinetry. Dark, matte-finish countertops are set over boldly colored cabinetry, then juxtaposed against lighter-toned neutral glossy tile walls ? this is a major?incoming trend that turns bathrooms into eye-catching showplaces.

Cabinetry: Color and Contrast?

Bathrooms are moving away from monotone white and into more color and originality.?Cabinetry?is all about?color and contrast?in 2018. Blues are all the rage and the range of tones and hues allows you the flexibility to create cabinetry with any look from restrained elegance to bold, contemporary statements. If natural wood suits your style, whitewashed woods are seeing strong popularity; for something different, two-tone cabinetry adds contrast or sets off cabinetry or shelving you want to draw attention to.

No matter which trends you want in your bathroom ? or if you want to start a trend of your very own ? our experts can help you create the look you love best.?Our design team and professional craftsmen?will work with you from concept to completion, right down to the smallest detail.