bamboo: the perfect hardwood for your home

bamboo: the perfect hardwood for your home

Any home improvement project is only as good as the materials used for it. When plans ask for hardwood, more and more people are turning to bamboo as their raw material of choice. Here are seven excellent reasons why.

Tough and Hard-Wearing

Bamboo makes a tough material for flooring, stairs, decking, and other projects where resistance to wear and tear is essential. Technically speaking, bamboo is stronger than steel and harder than oak, and less prone to warping than almost any other hardwood. Bamboo is a highly durable choice for anything from bathroom remodels right up to entire new structures.

Low Cost and Longevity

Compared to other hardwood, bamboo is extremely inexpensive. You can achieve excellent results for around half the price of using pine, for example. And considering how long it lasts, bamboo makes a sound investment.

Eco-Friendly Credentials

With environmental issues becoming increasingly concerning, bamboo offers a small but significant contribution to a better future. It?s highly sustainable as a farmed wood, growing nearly twice as fast as other hardwoods. It takes as little as four years for bamboo to go from planting to cropping, meaning the timber you use will last much longer than it took to grow.

Easy to Clean

In contrast to most other hardwoods, bamboo is easy to keep clean and care for. You?ll need no special detergents or polishes. For example, a simple sweep and mop with soapy water will keep your bamboo floors looking fresh for years to come.

Versatile Looks

Bamboo isn?t limited to one look. You can get bamboo flooring in a wide range of colors, as well as distressed and rustic textures. Bamboo is easy to blend into any home decor scheme.

Natural Variation

Not only does bamboo look good, but it also offers natural pattern variations between each floorboard. That makes it interesting and characterful, and also helps hide any scuffs, scrapes, and other damage that inevitably happens over the years.