4 ways area rugs can enhance your home

4 ways area rugs can enhance your home

Contemporary, traditional, transitional or any style at all ? no matter what type of interior design you prefer in your home, area rugs will add another dimension that can be anything from cozy to whimsical?and they can serve practical purposes, too.?We?d like to share with you just a few of the ways area rugs can enhance and complete any space in your home.?At Flooring Innovations, we carry an incredible selection of off the rack area rugs, as well as custom area rugs for any room in your home or office.

On hardwood floors or ceramic tile, area rugs can reduce the noise level of the room. Because sounds bounce off hard surfaces, rooms with hardwood or tile floors can make noises ? or even normal conversations ? take on a slightly hollow or echo-type of quality. Area rugs absorb sounds, making rooms with hard surfaces quieter and making walking quieter, too.

Area rugs add a warmth factor, both physically and visually. If you?ve ever walked barefoot across a cold, hard floor, you know that an area rug acts like a welcoming island of softness and warmth. An area rug also adds an extra dimension of visual warmth, whether the room has a hard floor or wall-to-wall carpeting.

Large rooms, even if beautifully decorated, can appear somewhat cold and rambling, but by adding area rugs to strategic spots, you can delineate certain spaces or create intimate conversation groupings that are grounded and defined by each rug. You can also use an area rug to draw attention to a special piece of furniture, visually underscoring its importance in the space.

If your room contains several different colors, an area rug can tie them all together, creating a unified look. It can also reinforce the style of your room, or you can choose a rug that offers contrast and introduces an element of surprise and whimsy.

The enhancements area rugs offer are practically unlimited, as are the styles, colors and shapes available. Have fun with your creativity and imagination, and let area rugs turn any ordinary room into something extraordinary!? Stop by one of our 2 showrooms ? Palm Springs or Palm Desert ? and let the Flooring Innovations design experts show you how great your home can look with area rugs!