3 ways to make your floors look bigger with tile

3 ways to make your floors look bigger with tile

They say bigger is better. Homes are growing to include more and more square footage, and larger homes are selling better. But if you have a home you want to put on the market, spending the money on extensions and additions won?t increase your selling price enough to cover the expenses. If you want to make your rooms look more expansive without adding to the actual square footage, here are three ways tile can help:

1. Use larger floor tiles.

Tiny tiles make things look too busy, and that shrinks the apparent size of the floor. Instead of choosing 6? by 12? plank tiles or 12? by 12? squares, go bigger. You can find tiles up to 24? by 24? in almost any color and pattern, so choosing larger materials won?t restrict your style. Bigger tiles work better because it simplifies the floor and gives you fewer grout lines.

2. Use lighter tiles to brighten up the room.

Dark flooring can make a room look cramped. So look for tiles that have light and neutral colors. Plain white can work in some rooms, like bathrooms and laundry rooms, but it?s better to save them for backsplashes. Instead, you can use natural stone and ceramic tiles with faint lines of marbled color.

3. Use a diagonal pattern to stretch the dimensions.

The easiest way to lay out tile is in a grid, but that?s not the best way to make a room look as big and open as possible. Instead, try a diamond pattern, or an ?on point? pattern, oriented towards the main entrance to the room. This makes the room stretch out. Herringbone tile patterns can also give the same effect if you prefer rectangular tiles over squares.

Whether you?re remodeling your house for a sale or you want your home to feel more open, start with the tile.?Go to Flooring Innovations?to find the perfect tiles for your home.