3 timeless kitchen flooring trends

3 timeless kitchen flooring trends

Trendy home design makes your interior pop. Everything from the cabinet hardware to the flooring can either date your home or move it onto the cutting edge of style. If you want to redesign your kitchen but you don?t want to pick materials that might quickly fall out of style, look for timeless classics that 2018 made even better. Here are three trends to help guide your choice:

Choose styles that look natural and earthy.

Contemporary minimalist styles are meeting up with the cozy tones of wood and stone, and the results are beautiful. Look for kitchen tiles that have an authentic wood look or are made from natural stone. Ceramic tile?patterns are getting more and more detailed, and that means you can have all the benefits of hardwood floors without the maintenance worries. Wood patterns also help accent stone countertops so no design becomes overwhelming.

Keep the color palette neutral.

Save most of your?accent colors for an accent wall or decorative accessories. Choosing warm, neutral colors will keep your kitchen in style for years to come. Light colors also help brighten up the room and make it feel larger. By focusing on a natural color palette, you can also choose stone countertops or flooring that have a small vein of color variation without adding too much busyness.

Look for larger tiles that open up the space.

If you have a small or galley style kitchen, your floor tiles can do a lot to make the room feel more open. Large marble rectangles and ceramic wood planks add width to even narrow nooks and spaces. Tiles that are too small also make the floor look too busy, especially if they have detailed patterns themselves. You can make the space even more inviting by arranging the tiles in herringbone and chevron patterns that are oriented towards the far wall opposite the entryway.

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