3 small twists on bathroom design

3 small twists on bathroom design

Bathrooms are hard to renovate. They?re always a bit too small, they need a lot of storage space, and it can feel like you have a really narrow color selection. But making even small changes in the details of your fixtures can transform the whole space to make it look bigger and brighter. Whether you want to completely remodel your bathroom or you want to add just a few updated changes, here are three small changes that have a big impact.

Change the vanity to a floating fixture.

Floor space is at a premium in every bathroom. Vanities that sit solidly on the floor and large bathtub inserts take up a lot of that space and make the bottom half of the room feel too crowded. One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel roomier is to install a floating vanity with a foot of clearance underneath it. Even though no one will be using that space except to step a few inches closer to the mirror, it opens up the space. If you don?t want to risk a floating vanity on older walls, then a vanity with an open bottom shelf and narrow legs also gives more clearance.

Make vanity lighting accent lighting instead of the only light source.

The default bathroom lighting design is a row of bulbs above the mirror. But that leaves a lot of dim corners and poor lighting. Instead, add a central light in the middle of the space so everything from the shower to the medicine cabinet has plenty of illumination. Your vanity mirror should still have lighting, and you can retain the overhead strip of lights with an updated fixture or get an LED backlit?mirror. The more layers of light in your bathroom, the cleaner and brighter it looks.

Make your shower taller.

Shower inserts and even many tiled shower walls?extend only about six feet up the wall. This cuts into the height of the room, which makes the room feel even smaller. It also means the shower curtain rod isn?t very high up. Just like windows look larger with higher and wider window treatments, you can make your bathroom look larger with a longer curtain. Build up your shower walls to the ceiling for that illusion of height and expansive space.

If you want to see how these changes can transform your bathroom or you want to see other remodeling options,?go to Flooring Innovations?for more ideas.