3 rising floor trends that change all the rules

3 rising floor trends that change all the rules

Some rules are meant to be broken. The trick is finding the right ones, and playing with shapes and sizes is a great way to go. If a bit of home renovation was part of your New Year?s Resolution, start off with original flooring that won?t grow stale as the year continues. Here are three trends that break the rules and work, anyway:

1. Make your wood planks extra wide.

Laminate and vinyl wood-look planks spent years trying to look like the real thing. They have the look and texture down pat, and that makes them a great flooring choice for any room in the house. But now that wood-look flooring has left the uncanny valley, you can safely play with some of the other elements. Look for extra wide tiles instead of standard dimensions or the narrow lengths of actual hardwood planks.?

Long, wide planks can make your house look much larger, and fewer lines mean you can be more dramatic with the color choices.

2. Use large tiles with intricate graphic patterns.

When it comes to tiling your bathroom, there?s always been mixed advice. Large tiles make cramped rooms feel as large as possible because the floors aren?t busy. But tiny tiles can sometimes do the same thing because even a small bathroom fits hundreds of small tile squares.?

Instead of choosing, look for tiles that are both large and full of tiny details. Patterned tiles are a dramatic design choice that doesn?t?make the floor look cramped. It also means you can give your bathroom a unique flair without filling it with accessories.

3. Mix up your tiles.

An open floor plan usually demands the same flooring throughout the house. If you?re going to have a kitchen that opens into the living room, the advice goes, don?t create a dividing line with two different types of flooring. That advice is absolutely right, but that doesn?t mean you can?t intermingle different types of flooring throughout the whole space. Match up long, light wood-look planks with shorter dark ones, or pepper your tile floors with a contrasting style.?

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