3 refreshing kitchen and bathroom design ideas to consider

3 refreshing kitchen and bathroom design ideas to consider

Homeowners are increasingly choosing clean and simple styles for their kitchen spaces and bathrooms. Changes in social dynamics and technology advances help inform their decisions. If you are considering upgrading your kitchen and bathroom spaces, be open to different options. Discussed below are three of the refreshing design ideas you may use:

  1. Streamlined Textures, Materials, and Designs
  2. Streamlined kitchen and bathroom designs, textures, and materials help create a stress-free environment. They strive for simplicity while allowing you to use alternative materials around your house. You may get open shelves if you need additional storage space in your kitchen. Sculpted backsplash tiles may also work with your kitchen and bathroom floors since they feature exciting textures.

  3. Dark Cabinet Colors
  4. Though white colored cabinets give a classic look and are versatile to use, dark-colored ones offer a more luxurious and dramatic feel. Dark kitchen and bathroom cabinets are ideal for homeowners looking for bolder cabinet designs. You can use them to create a more elegant atmosphere around your cooking and bathroom spaces. Your color choices for dark cabinets may include plum, emerald green, navy, and black.

  5. Quartz for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops
  6. Quartz countertops comprise 90 percent quartz (ground-up) and a combination of other stone materials. They come in multiple styles, shapes, and colors to suit homeowners? tastes and preferences. Quartz countertops are less brittle and stronger when compared to those made of natural stone. Some come with large veining and elaborate swirls to resemble materials such as natural stone.

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