3 excellent bathroom cabinet trends to consider

3 excellent bathroom cabinet trends to consider

If you are looking into installing some cabinets in your bathroom, you will soon find that you have so many awesome options. There are a lot of great trends that can make your bathroom look and function exactly how you?d like it to, and three of these great trends will be discussed here.?

Floating Cabinets

One great trend for your bathroom cabinets is to have them installed to float above the ground. This is an awesome trend if you have a small bathroom and want to leave as much of your floor free as possible. This is also a great trend if you?d like to store things underneath your cabinet, such as baskets. The floating cabinets can also be made to look modern, country, or any other style you?d like.?

Pops Of Color?

Using the bathroom cabinets in your bathroom to add a fun pop of color is another trend that is perfect for any bathroom. If you are installing cabinets in your master bathroom, you may want to go for a more subtle color, such as a dark blue or a soft yellow. In contrast, if the bathroom is a child?s bathroom, you can go for something a bit more bright, such as a purple, pink, or green. This makes your cabinets a focal point of the bathroom and helps to make your bathroom more unique.

Open Shelving

If you would like to have some of your cabinets used to display your items, or make them easier to get to, then the open shelving trend may be a good fit for you. When you install your cabinets, you can choose to have one or more of your shelves left open. This is a great mix up to the regular enclosed cabinets and it can really help to set your bathroom apart from other bathrooms.?

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