3 design trends for open shelf cabinets

3 design trends for open shelf cabinets

Kitchen cabinets set the stage for your kitchen. Open shelf cabinets are a great tool to open up the room and personalize the space. If you want to add an open shelf cabinet, or you?re considering replacing all of your upper cabinets with open shelving, keep these three design tips in mind:

1. Look for above-shelf LEDs.

But the real advantage of adding LEDs is that you can transform your open shelf cabinets from storage to displays. Add spotlights and accent lighting that show off your china sets, glasses, or wine collection.

2. Use an accent color for a two-tone kitchen.

Color is one of the easiest ways to customize your kitchen. While light and medium colors are the most popular shades to make kitchens seem more open, two-tone kitchens are becoming more trendy. Add a pop of jewel tone to your kitchen by using an accent color on your open shelf cabinets. This draws more attention to the display and gives the whole space a more customized feel.

3. Accessorize with internal storage.?

Open shelves don?t have to stay plain shelves. They?re a functional display case that can hold everything from inherited dishes to your bottle collection. But some of these treasures need more than shelving to look their best. Order your shelves with a wine-holding lattice, plate displays, or mirrored inlays. You can even organize your LEDs to apportion the shelf space into distinct areas.

Shelving trends don?t change as quickly as other kitchen design trends, but new cabinets can instantly update your kitchen.?Go to Flooring Innovations?here to see the latest cabinet designs and to find the best cabinets for your home.