3 chic cabinet designs that give your kitchen more space

3 chic cabinet designs that give your kitchen more space

If you want more space in your kitchen, you don?t have to change the floor plan. Look for contemporary cabinets that give you plenty of storage and open up the room. Here are three key features to look for:

Vertical Folding Panels

Open cabinet doors use up valuable space. When you?re in the middle of cooking a meal, the last thing you want is a swinging upper cabinet blocking your field of vision. So look for upper?cabinets designed with doors that fold and raise up as they open. Not only can you safely leave the doors open as you?re in a hurry, but the chic modern look also makes your kitchen look bigger than ever.

Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors

Darkly colored cabinets and drawers can provide beautiful contrast in your kitchen. But they can also make small spaces and tight corners look cramped. Upper cabinets, especially, absorb too much of the room?s light if they?re dark.?

Instead of changing your kitchen?s color palette, opt for frosted glass doors instead. This finish gives your?kitchen airy, bright upper cabinets, and even can still highlight the dark coloring with edges and borders. Even better, frosted glass lets natural light into your cabinets without full transparency.

Drawers Instead of Cabinets

If you want to maximize your kitchen?s storage space, look for drawers instead of basic cabinets. It?s hard to effectively use all of the vertical storage space in a traditional kitchen. But stacked drawers give all of your cooking utensils, pans, and dishware a set space.

You can also find custom-designed drawers that can hold over-sized braising trays, pans, and woks. No matter what dimensions, drawer hardware, and materials you have in mind, you can get the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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