2 ways high-quality carpeting protects itself from damage

2 ways high-quality carpeting protects itself from damage

Carpet gets a bad rap. But all of the downsides many people list about carpeting, such as stains, wear and tear, and its general appearance, are only true for low-quality carpets. If you like the look and feel of new carpeting in your home, quality brands like Stainmaster can give you value for years. Flooring Innovations in Palm Springs and Palm Desert is the authorized Stainmaster Flooring dealer in the Coachella Valley

Make a list of feature you want in your carpet and Flooring Innovations can help you find carpeted flooring that:

Withstands furniture damage, wear and tear, and lots of foot traffic.

Furniture can be hard on flooring. Even laminate and hardwood options often need softer furniture sliders that protect the floor from scratches and disperse the weight to minimize damage. But tightly woven carpets with nylon fibers don?t even form the dents and wrinkles that gradually deform carpeting as furniture is shifted and dragged across the floor. Because of their durability, Stainmaster carpets don?t have to be reserved for low-traffic bedrooms and guest rooms. You can carpet even the living room and hallways without worrying about stretching, dents, and worn patches.

Doesn?t lose its vibrant color.

Spills happen. Mud gets tracked inside. Everything from glasses of grape juice to open markers can be dropped. But more and more carpeting is made with stain resistant fibers that make it easy to remove every trace of the stain. You can choose from a wide range of features that repel dirt, food stains, dye, and even damage from UV radiation. Sunlight might eventually pull the vibrant colors from dyed laminate and wood stain, but Stainmaster has style options like Solar Max to make it last even if you leave the blinds open.?

High-quality carpets also come with guarantees and warranties. If you love the look and feel of carpet but you are worried about it wearing out too quickly, these promises include elements like lifetime warranties against stains and even static.

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